Falanghina Fra

Falanghina Fra

Falanghina Fra

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Campania, Italy
Grapes: Falanghina
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Light, fresh, and salty from soils rich in volcanic minerals near Benevento. Four days macerations on skins and aging in big botti. Believed to be a white grape used to make the famous Falernian wines for the tables of the Roman Emperors and mentioned already by Pliny the Elder, falanghina's name seems to refer to the Greek falangos and then phalange in Latin, with a curious reference to the poles used to support the vines.

Daniela and Antonio always wanted to work with this grape but only found some great vineyards near Benevento in most recent times and the first vintage was 2019. According to Cantina Giardino, falanghina is a fascinating grape that, in its simplicity, gives wines ready to drink earlier than coda di volpe, fiano, and greco.

Cantina Giardino 

Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola are dedicated to discovering old vineyards in Irpinia, nestled amongst the elevated terrain of Campania. Their mission is to safeguard the indigenous varieties of the region, ancient vines, and the traditional methods of farming.

These vines, nurtured at high altitudes, are firmly planted in the region’s lively volcanic soil. The vineyard duties are executed manually, using organic farming methods, resulting in extremely low yields of healthy grapes. In the winery, Antonio adopts a straightforward strategy with the aim of fully showcasing the unique terroir. Grapes are allowed to ferment naturally without regulated temperature control and this process can span several months.

Wines are raised in a combination of terracotta amphorae and large casks made from local woods and bottled unfiltered, with no additions at all. The resulting wines are singular, vivid expressions of grape and place.

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