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Piedmont, Italy
Grapes: Timorasso, Chardonnay, and Grignolino
Notes of honey, citrus, herbs, ripe tropical fruit, fresh and vibrant.
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Maurizio Ferraro Secondome Bianco is a natural wine made from a blend of Timorasso, Chardonnay, and Grignolino grown in the Monferrato area of Piedmont, Northern Italy. Glorious orange wine by the legendary Maurizio, a histrionic winemaker who never ceases to amaze us. Notes of honey, citrus, herbs, ripe tropical fruit, fresh and vibrant.

Maurizio Ferraro

Hailing from Piedmont’s Monferrato area, little known but rich with winemaking history, Maurizio is an assertive and revolutionary natural wine vigneron whose wines brim with vibrant character and depth, each new vintage different from the previous ones but always with a distinctive personality and a proud rebellious streak. The family winery’s history begins in 1819 when his great-great-grandfather barters a donkey for a small vineyard. Maurizio starts approaching organic farming in the late 90’s and leaps into full natural winemaking in 2006, when he also begins adding "zero SO2" to all of his wines (he is also a member of the French organization S.A.I.N.S., which count producers who do not add any type of additive). He works with traditional grapes such as Grignolino, Ruchè, Barbera, and Freisa for reds and Timorasso for whites.

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