Vendredi 13

Vendredi 13

Vendredi 13

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Sicily, Italy
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio/Grenache, & White Indigenous Etnean Grapes
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An exclusive cuvée born from the 2021 vintage. This exceptional creation unites predominantly red grapes that were originally intended for the renowned regular wines—Jeudi 15 Rosso, Rosato, and Palmento. The result is a captivatingly fresh and vibrant red blend that exudes joy and vitality.

A harmonious marriage of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Capuccio, and select white grapes, including Carricante, has yielded an aromatic masterpiece that strikes a balance between gravitas and playfulness. Dominated by red fruit notes, this wine is a testament to its drinkability, complemented by subtle herbal nuances and invigorating mineral undertones that add a dash of delight.

The label, graced by the signature of Michel Tolmer, is a testament to the artistry within. Vendredi 13, as described by Anna Martens, was inspired by Nature's course during the autumn of 2021—a unique cuvée commemorating the essence of that year. It embraces wines that, individually, may have deviated from their characteristic styles. Yet, when united, they form a harmonious symphony, offering a balanced and energetic experience, enriched by the trademark minerality of grapes thriving at high altitudes on volcanic soils. Embrace the spirit of Vendredi 13—an embodiment of nature's spontaneity and the artful finesse of winemaking

Vino di Anna

Anna Martens and Eric Narioo started making wine together on Mount Etna in 2008. In 2010 they purchased their first vineyard of old, vine Nerello Mascelese and a 250 yr old palmen+o and wine building which they restored and “Vino di Anna” was created. Today they own 8 hectares of land which they farm biodynamically. They have extended the winery and buried 9 Georgian qvevri for vinification and maturation.

The domain is situated high on the north face of Mt Etna, near the village of Solicchiata. The soils are black, fertile and rich in minerals. The volcano is in constant eruption, often sprinkling the vineyards with fresh cinders. The vineyards are located along terraces at high altitudes (600-1200 metres). The climate is extreme making it both an exciting and challenging place to make natural wine.

Vino di Anna makes a wide range of natural wines.The vineyards are farmed organically and tended by hand. The grapes are all hand harvested. The vines are alberello (bush vines) and range in age from 40 – 100 plus years old. Nerello Mascalese is the principal red grape. The white is a field blend of local grapes, mainly Grecanico and Carricante. The wines are made with minimal intervention, natural yeasts, no additives, no fining or filtering. Little or no SO2 is used.


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