we're into wine with vibrant energy and magic

We are an online natural wine shop & monthly wine club offering free local delivery or pick up in Richmond, VA and shipping wines directly to customers in most states. The wines we carry are carefully curated and must adhere to natural winemaking principles, which means that farming practices are at least organic, but often biodynamic, and that nothing is added or taken away in the cellar.

We believe that natural wine is not only better for us and the environment, but that natural wines often show vibrant energy and expression that makes them more delicious than conventional wines. Our ultimate aim is to build community, promote wines made by amazing producers we love and support, and to make wine enjoyment for approachable for all by demystifying common misconceptions about what real wine really is.

We believe that nature is the only authority that has a place in our glass and reject the conventional forces that aim to control how wine is made or define how it should taste. Fuck authority. Fuck control. We believe that real wine is made by dirty, callused hands, not machines, and that nature provides all that’s needed for the wine in your glass to be delicious.

We're here to spread the joy of natural wine to the Richmond community and beyond so if you want to chat just send us a note.

Want to Terroirize your event?

Take your next party or event to a natural wavelength with wine from Terroirizer. We'll set up some time to chat and figure out a selection of wines that everyone can enjoy. Send us an email or fill out and submit the form below with your info.