TLZ Weiss

TLZ Weiss

TLZ Weiss

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Styria, Austria
Grapes: 70% Pinot Blanc & 30% Chardonnay
The subtlest touch of skin contact on the nose and palate, heaps of citrus, stone fruit, pleasant saltiness. A treat to be served in big glasses to fully enjoy the evolution.
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The grapes are hand-harvested and carefully selected to keep only the ripest bunches. A short (5-hour) skin contact to keep the wine at its freshest, then gentle pressing. Spontaneous alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in 500-liter used wooden barrels, where it then rests for about a year. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, no SO2 added.


Franz Strohmeier is a visionary natural winemaker, working in the Steiermark part of Styria, known as the “Green Heart” of Austria.

Franz is a very philosophical winemaker – who is never contented to make wine like the establishments around him – always making the decisions that expresses his terroir in the most natural way. He is constantly tinkering with his 8-hectares of vines to find better and more natural methods. An example most recently was his use of whey (the liquid part of milk produced in cheese production) to spray his grapes, instead of copper sulfate. Strohmeier has a portion of his grapes growing wild, without pruning, that produce very small intensely flavored grapes.

Franz does not subscribe to any certified biodynamic organization, although many of his methods are biodynamic in nature. If a malady strikes a vine, he often prefers to not treat it. Instead, he prefers to forgo those vines, saying the vineyard as a whole gains in health from a little bit of sickness, showing how biodiversity is of chief concern.

He makes wines that are like nothing else we have ever tasted, a true display of the unique terroir of this region. Franz makes sparkling wines with great finesse and stability, perfect for everyday drinking and pairing with a wide variety of foods. He also makes the Trauben, Liebe & Zeit (=Grapes, Love, Time) line, amazingly crafted zero sulfur wines made with nothing but grapes, love and time.

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