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Pure S

Pure S

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Bergerac, France
Grapes: Semillon
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In 1999, Isabelle and Franck Pascal fled the busy corridors of the Parisian metro, finding refuge in the Bergerac subregion of the Dordogne in Southwest France. Loyal tenants of the principles and practices of biodynamics, Isabelle and Franck have developed a sensitive approach to their farming where they strive to listen to nature and build a symbiotic relationship with the land around them and their vines. By doing so, they've discovered countless natural alternatives to spraying chemicals. For example, by planting flowered rows every 20 meters in their vineyards, they've been able to attract pollinating insects and provide shelter and cover for auxiliary fauna, thereby avoiding the use of insecticides. Through planting grains, oats, and mustard plants throughout their vineyards, they've found that healthy nitrogen and nutrient levels in the soil are maintained, eliminating any need for synthetic fertilizers. Isabelle and Pascal's work at Jonc Blanc is a prime example of how taking proper care of the soil and vines will yield healthy grapes, and when one has healthy grapes, the addition of chemicals and overly manipulative tactics in the cellar becomes unnecessary to make great wine. 

Bergerac is a small subregion of Southwest France, just a quick jump east of Bourdeaux. Vines for wine production have been grown in Bergerac since it was part of the Roman empire and it's in this region that prehistoric cave drawings dating back 12,000 years ago have been discovered. Jonc Blanc is situated on a white limestone plateau, which gives a lot of minerality to the wines. The grape varieties of focus here are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec for the reds and Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, and Sémillon for the whites.

Pure S is 100% Sémillon coming from a single parcel planted on limestone. Isabelle and Franck's goal with this cuvée is to show the unique personality, strength, and assertiveness of their old Sémillon vines. It's rich and salty, bone-dry, but has a slightly honeyed texture to it. This is definitely a wine that commands to be paired with food, like roasted chicken or a cheeseboard, as it may be perceived as a bit intense on its own. This wine also loves air and will develop for hours after opening, so we recommend decanting it or popping the cork to let it breathe for an hour or two before you drink it. 

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