Finca Valdeolmos

Finca Valdeolmos

Finca Valdeolmos

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Ribero del Duero, Spain
Grapes: 90% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) 10% Albillo
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Finca Valdeolmos is comprised of 90% Tinto Fino and 10% Albillo (Goyo co-ferments whatever is in the vineyard) grown on stony, sandy, limestone soils, and vinified like the other Ribera del Duero parcel wines that Goyo makes, Finca Valdeolmos is the most vertical and aromatic of his red wines.

Goyo Garcia Viadero

Goyo Garcia Viadero’s roots in Ribera Del Duero run very deep: he has been working in the area since before the establishment of the D.O., and his family has been working in viticulture for hundreds of years. While grape growing and winemaking in the region is exceedingly ancient (Goyo’s own cellar dates to the Roman era), the modern history of the region began with the founding of the Ribera del Duero D.O. by 12 wineries in 1982.

Goyo’s approach makes him the region’s “black sheep”, as he has rejected additives, new oak, and intense extraction which are characteristic of the region’s wines. Instead, greatly inspired by natural winemakers like Pierre Overnoy from the Jura, Goyo began farming without chemicals and making wines in a style more like his grandparents' than his neighbors. Beginning with three parcels of old vines in 2003, he has charted his own course in the increasingly industrial and commercial landscape of Ribera del Duero, embracing centenarian vineyards and traditional methods of winemaking in equal measure.

Goyo’s approach in the cellar is delicate. All grapes are completely destemmed by hand, pressed gently, and fermentations are slow in a cold, ancient cellar. For the wines that age in barrel, Goyo employs exclusively very old, very finely grained barriques from Bordeaux. Most wines are bottle-aged for at least a year before release, and sulfur and other additives are never used. Goyo’s careful process produces wines of striking sincerity and elegance that communicate a strong sense of place and simultaneously fit any definition of “natural” wine.

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