Trollinger Trocken

Trollinger Trocken

Trollinger Trocken

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Württemberg, Germany
Grapes: Trollinger
Light red with brambly berry fruit and crunchy acidity. Chill it down and go to town!
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Jochen Beurer

An ex-European BMX Champion gone natural wine guru in Swabia. Some things don’t have to make sense ok?

Among winemakers in Germany, Beurer is revered and his whites and reds are nearly always considered among the greats. Few winemakers are able to achieve such thrust and such purity, from the simpler Trollinger and Portugieser up to Grauburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc, and, yes, Riesling.

Yet Beurer’s influence flows not only through his wines, but through his actions. Jochen is one of the deepest thinkers about the environment beyond the vineyards. A tour with Beurer is as likely to include a discussion of his bees, the vegetation and animals surrounding the vineyards as it is to include a discussion of the soil and vines themselves.

Jochen is also one of the kindest humans out there; a bear of a man who is profoundly nurturing. A whole generation of young German winemakers has passed through Beurer’s cellar.

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