Zeroine JuCha 2020 "mystery" 6-pack

Zeroine JuCha 2020 "mystery" 6-pack

Zeroine JuCha 2020 "mystery" 6-pack

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Jura, France
Grapes: Chardonnay
One bottle of JuCha 2020 from Zeroine ($80) + 5 bottles at $60/bottle average price point (see description below for more details)
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Zeroine is the brainchild of three people: Maylis Bernard, Jean-François Ganevat, and Anne Ganevat (Jean-François' sister). Behind this micro-estate located in Rotalier (Jura) is a single philosophy: to create the highest-quality natural wines possible. Maylis became a winemaker after a professional reconversion and an oenology diploma, as she had been inspired by the Ganevat family and the need to further the Jura tradition of making the purest wine.

Maylis had been assisting Anne and JF with their négociant project until she took the brave decision to set up her own label, giving birth to Zeroine. Currently she produces a very small range of wines made possible thanks to attentive and careful fruit sourcing.

Needless to say that the philosophy adopted by Maylis in the vineyard (and cellar) very much reflects the one used by her mentor. Blends of different fermentation techniques are common, macerations are gentle with hardly any pigeage nor pumping over.

Maylis favors the use of tronconic wooden vats and longer élevage with at least one year of bottle aging before release. She decides to take risks and avoid compromising her creativity and expressivity of her wines by fully steering clear of SO2.

JuCha 2020 - 100% Chardonnay

About the 6-pack:

It’s always tricky to know what to do when we get such minuscule amounts of highly sought-after wines in stock. Most shops around the world mark these wines up to stupid high prices, but we don’t believe in being opportunistic just to make some extra bucks. And as much as we’d like to keep these and drink them ourselves, wine is for sharing.

So here’s what we’re going to do: We’ve created several mixed 6-packs. Each one includes the noted bottle of Zeroine at the correct price (cost x 1.5) + five bottles at an average price point. Doing it this way ensures that we sell our release at fair market price and that the lucky recipients aren’t just swooping in for the unicorns without supporting the shop in a more meaningful way. Win/win 🤝

Nervous about receiving mystery bottles? Don’t be. We’ll reach out to each person that buys a mixed 6-pack to learn what they like and curate the additional 5 wines together.

We’re stoked to offer Zeroine wines at the lowest bottle prices in the country and appreciate y’all trusting us to find you 5 additional bottles you’ll also love.

Have questions? Dm or text us!

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