Fred #9

Fred #9

Fred #9

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Južnoslovenská, Slovakia
Grapes: Dunaj & Alibernet
Funky and earthy medium-bodied red from an organic farmer. A non-vintaged blend of two cold-hardy obscure eastern European cross, Dunaj, and Alibernet. Stemmy cherry fruit, allspice, a touch of barnyardy brettanomyces. Rustic and ever so delightful with a bit of a chill and served with cold cuts and fresh vegetables.
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Strekov 1075

Zsolt Sütó cultivates 12 hectares of vines in the village of Strekov, in Slovakia. The vineyards are located on the terraces of Pohronska pahorkatina, featuring ponds and marshland that create a unique microclimate. The top layer of soil consists of clay-loam, which lays above the marine sediments, sandstone, and limestone veins. Deeper soil layers consist of yellow and blue-gray clay. Zsolt’s fermentations take place in open-topped barrels with no sulfur and no intervention, he also uses a lot of skin maceration, aging under voile to create naturally strong and stable wines. As of the 2017 vintage. Zsolt was very happy to vinify and bottle all of his wines with zero additions of sulfur.

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